Have you been served with a statutory demand or a bankruptcy petition?  Or has a bankruptcy order already been made against you? If so is your Trustee or the Official Receiver seeking a sale of your house or other property? 

We can help you.  We are bankruptcy solicitors that specialize in these complex and potentially devastating situations. We have considerable experience acting for both individuals and office holders on all aspects of personal insolvency and bankruptcy-related matters we also have bankruptcy solicitors.

Ignoring your creditors and debts will only make the situation worse and it is crucial to seek specialist professional advice at an early stage.

We are specialist insolvency solicitors and will assess your situation and work with you discussing the potential effects and implications of bankruptcy.  You may have grounds to challenge the statutory demand or bankruptcy petition. We may also be able to suggest alternative measures – bankruptcy is not the only option!

Our expertise includes advising on the following:

  • Issuing and setting aside Statutory Demands
  • Issuing and defending Bankruptcy Petition
  • Bankruptcy and the family home including dealing with possession and orders for sale
  • Annulment of bankruptcy
  • Consequences of bankruptcy for you and your family including action by the Trustee to take possession of your home and recovery of assets   

Corporate insolvency 


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